Monday, 26 May 2014

How do we engage every student in deep learning for success?

I have just returned to school after an inspiring term on leave thanks to the New Zealand Ministry of Education's Primary Principal's Sabbatical study award initiative.One of the requirements for taking this paid leave is to produce a report from your professional learning activity.

Thanks to the valued input from respected colleagues and educators (their feedback below might engage you in wanting to read the report ), I have now completed the report and have been encouraged to share this with a wider audience. The Whitestone Learning and Change Network will support my presentation to other South Island networks at the Regional Networking Day in Christchurch on Thursday 5th June.

You can access a copy of the report by clicking on the title link here  How do we engage every student in deep learning for success? 

My next challenge is to learn to prepare an engaging video version to share with our community and I am open to any ideas or suggestions. Being open to learning laterally and collaboratively, from the 'expertise in the crowd' (Price page 27 Open: How We'll  work, live and learn in the future) is empowering.

Preview of videoscribe video ready to present in Wellington 27th June

How do we engage every student in deep learning for success?
Read feedback about this report from respected educators:

‘I loved reading this report for a number of reasons - the main one being that you represent an important practitioner-voice in articulating what learning and change networks are all about…. Many folk are still waiting to be supported into the future - you're just getting on with it, like many students are - our most important challenge is manufacturing future-focused learning environments for kids that are constrained to just get on with new ways of learning.   You've grasped and articulated in your report ways of addressing that challenge.  Well done Jenny.  I'd also recommend you submit your report in article-style to SET for publication.’
               Dr Brian Annan,
               Director Research and Development, Faculty of Education, The University of Auckland

‘Many thanks for sharing this Jenny. You have produced such a powerful document which has the capacity to change things!  Key strengths for me are the composure and clarity of the writing: succinct and questioning.  I will attempt to pare my writing down similarly in the future....
                Mark Moorhouse,
Headteacher Matthew Moss High School, Rochdale, United Kingdom

‘Once I started to read this paper I couldn't stop. My coffee went cold! You have done an amazing job of describing deep learning and the infinite, current and future possibilities for all students. Your personal experience provided excellent examples of the points you were making…. The story as it is, is gripping and immediately useful for teachers, students, families and communities. Sounds as if your network has fully embraced the essence of LCN. Please publish this so that it is shared with others. All the best with the next venture.’
              Dr Jean Annan,
              Strategy Development Advisor, Learning and Change Networks, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland

‘Please consider publishing the report as it has the potential to help shape thinking around engagement and the Innovative Learning Environment direction education needs to move.
I would like your permission to send the report to some of my MOE colleagues who are grappling with ‘networking’ and future thinking as I believe it will help shape their thinking on a policy level.’
             Rob Mill 
Lead Regional Development Advisor (Central South and Southern Regions) Learning and Change Networks, Ministry of Education, New Zealand

‘Firstly I have to say I was engaged with your paper right till the end!!!... I have read many sabbatical reports and I was really engaged in this one and the way you are learning and changing in your own practices. Have you thought about presenting this to a wide audience?
                Mary Wootton
                Lead Facilitator, Learning and Change Networks, Auckland, New Zealand

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