Saturday, 28 November 2015

Faith, Hope & Love for Christmas

Faith, Hope and Love and a reminder to keep Christ in Christmas were the themes of the St Patrick's Catholic Parish float in the recent Christmas Parade. The joy of our St Joseph's staff and students on the float and the crowds lined along the main street in Oamaru were all captured in the short video vignettes below.
In my last post I shared a visioning process and quoted Nelson Mandella .."vision with action can change the world". We are fortunate to have a man with a purposeful vision leading our parish, Reverend Wayne Healey. 
After walking with a small group of parishioners in the local Christmas Parade in 2014, Fr Wayne envisioned a large parish float for 2015. Thanks to Fr Wayne's actions and the support of enthusiastic parishioners and students, this vision became a reality. The vividly painted words on the float reminded everyone to keep Christ in Christmas.
St Joseph's teachers Megan Day & Paul Cartlidge on the parish float
Part 1:Everyone climbs onto the float (1min)
Part 2: The float takes off (26 sec)
Part 3: Down the Thames Street (1 min)
Part 4: Along Thames Street (44 sec)
Part 5: Towards the Victorian Precinct (42 sec)
Part 6: Victorian Precinct (1 min)
Part 7: All aboard on route back to school (46 sec)
Part 8: We meet Santa along the way (33 sec)
Final:Under the bridge past Steampunk Headquarters (44 sec)

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