Sunday, 19 July 2015

Awe-inspiring #growthmindset staff & students @stjoesoamaru

This is a mid year reflective post to publicly acknowledge our staff. This year, between all of us we are studying the following whilst teaching full time:

  • Masters Educational Leadership papers through The Catholic Institute (TCI) and Australian Catholic University (ACU)
  • Religious Education diploma and post grad papers through TCI
  • Primary Maths papers through Open Polytechnic
  • Applied practice (digital & collaborative) post grad papers through Unitec MindLab
  • Middle Leadership through Centre of Educational Leadership and Administration
This year, during the school holidays our staff have been working on their assignments, preparing for the new term and attending extra courses and workshops at:

Our staff have an enthusiastic approach to personal learning that can only benefit all learners at our school. They are passionate about their own learning. It is this passion that will motivate and engage our students to achieve in their learning.
Image from blogpost about motivational drivers for learning

To top this off , I received an email from some of our Year 8 students in the holidays. They had been collaborating together on a task that I set at the end of the term based around our school values and wanted to share it with me. The task was as a result of an active reflection June 2015 : Be proactive and nip things "in the bud"
This is an example of self-motivated senior student learners at work, taking the initiative to drive their own learning just like our staff.
Here is the video from the girls.
We are all looking forward to starting a new term as we continue to apply a growth mindset to our relationships and our learning as we reach for the stars as life long learners in the Catholic faith.

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  1. What a dedicated bunch! :) Love the Year 8 work also