Monday, 15 June 2015

Transition : Time for our graduates to speak to their future high school teachers

Staff and students from schools in our Whitestone Learning and Change Network came together to watch this prezi. This prezi encompasses the learning and change that has taken place in the schools during the past two years. It is a celebration of the innovative learning and development that has featured at all of our schools. 

Then the Year 8 students from Weston school and St Joseph's school shared a slideshow that they had prepared with the high school staff. The students from both schools collaborated on a google slide show and adapted it to reflect their learning needs and their school cultures. The idea was to reflect on what worked well for their learning at primary school and share that with the high school staff. Here is our St Joseph's school presentation. The students collaborated on the design, images and text used.

Year 8 students, Trish and Mannix, can be seen sharing their learning in this video with high school teachers. The high school teachers asked them questions and spoke about learning (the way they do things) at high school.

Principal of St Kevin's College, Paul Olsen, reflects and sums up the messages from the Year 8 students and what this means for transition to high school.

Here are all of the students who bravely shared their learning to the Whitestone Learning and Change network.

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